FOMA Endorsed Programs

FOMA Endorsed Medical Malpractice Insurance Company

  • FOMA Endorses Florida Doctors Insurance Company as its Preferred Medical Professional Liability Insurance Company

    Florida Doctors Insurance Company is the endorsed medical professional liability insurance carrier for FOMA.  As a member benefit, FOMA members are eligible for a 10% discount off FLDIC’s already competitive rates.  FOMA and FLDIC are committed to ensure growth and protection for you, your practice and your family.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact FLDIC at 1-800-FLA-DOCS, ext. 213 or visit us on the web at

FOMA Endorsed Insurance Services

Villari Companies, Inc.

  • Villari Companies, Inc. - Over the past 25 years the Villari Companies has provided high quality insurance products and services to Physicians and Medical Facilities. To learn more please contact one of our insurance professionals at (800) 894-7740 . Call and receive your free premium indication today!


FOMA Cell Phone Program with Cell-Tec

As a benefit to our membership, FOMA has just contracted with Cel-Tec Communications, a sole source provider, to provide our members with access to a discounted wireless program. The FOMA Wireless Program entitles members to a 24% discount on your monthly rate plan and qualifies you to receive special discounts on phones, tablets, iPads, notebooks and air cards. This program also entitles members to a 20% discount on most accessories as well.

To participate in the FOMA Wireless Program and take advantage of these great discounts, please call Cel-Tec Communications at 1-855-295-FOMA (3662). 

Click here for more information and application.


FOMA Preferred Vendor Alere Toxicology

Alere Toxicology is pleased to establish a preferred vendor relationship with the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association. Their website is

Alere, (NYSE: ALR) a global products and service leader with business units focused on health management, infectious disease, cardiology, oncology, women’s health, diabetes and toxicology, has recently expanded their offerings to include another national toxicology laboratory focused on prescription drug monitoring.

Now with two laboratories in Austin, TX and Clearwater, FL, Alere’s testing options include a wider range of solutions relevant to today’s clinical drug monitoring needs.

By combining the best science and technology to detect drug levels and concentrations sensitive and specialized enough for clinical settings; Alere is well suited to helping practitioner’s use urine and oral fluid drug screening as a monitoring and risk mitigation tool.

Alere Toxicology provides practitioners with an objective tool that can document their patients are adherent to their treatment plans and agreements.

Practices deserve a reliable and ethical laboratory partner. Alere Toxicology will be that trusted partner. Our dedicated team of toxicologists, customer service specialists and sales representatives are focused on meeting the unique needs of your practice with customized drug monitoring solutions.

For more information on the products and services of Alere please contact your local account representative at 800.994.2088


FOMA Endorsed Office Supply Discount with Office Depot Account

This program offers members a variety of discounts and services through Office Depot, including a 5 percent less than Office Depot “Big-Book” priced catalog and an average of 52 percent off list prices. In addition, members may use a credit card of their choice and may place orders online.

The account setup form is here.

If you already have an account, click here to go to the Office Depot Corporate/Business Division Website to receive your FOMA discount on thousands of items (

For additional information contact David Herold at (850) 273-0695 or email David.


FOMA Partners with Atlantic Health Partners to offer Vaccines to FOMA Members

  • Atlantic Health Partners - provides physician practices with the tools and support to better manage vaccine expenses. Lower your vaccine costs and place orders directly with manufacturers. Contact Jeff Winokur at 1-800-741-2044 and ask about the FOMA Endorsed Program.

FOMA Endorsed Collection Services

  • I.C. System - Intelligent Collections - We can ease your pain. It starts with a thorough look at your objectives and practices. Based on this information, we tailor a plan that will work for your company. The plan is geared toward automating your collection process and maximizing results. And, we’ll make recommendations to expand or enhance your debt collection practices through several value-added services. Please call (800) 279-3511 and ask about the FOMA Endorsed Program.