FOMA Student/Intern/Resident/Fellow Research Poster Competition
Case Study and Experimental Research Presentation

Poster Competition


The FOMA held a Research Poster Competition that was open to Students, Interns, Residents and Fellows who are members of the FOMA. This competition took place in conjunction with the 111th Annual FOMA Convention on Friday, February 21, 2014. There are two categories in which to enter - Case Study and Experimental Research. 


(l to r) Tania Espinal, OMS3, Elyse Julian, OMS3,
Andrea Palestro, OMS3, Anthony Abraham, DO,
and Jack Groh, DO
(not pictured: Naseem Alexa Jahdi, DO)

1st place: Anthony Abraham, DO, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Situs Inversus Totalis with Post-ERCP Pancreatitis & Masri-Larkin Syndrome: A Novel Diagnosis
2nd Place: Naseem Alexa Jahdi, DO,  A Young Female Patient with history of Systemic Lupus
3rd Place: Jack Groh, DO, A Unique Case of Shoulder Pain in the Emergency Department

1st Place: Elyse Julian, OMS3, Treating Schizoprenian Pregnancy
2nd Place: Andrea Palestro, OMS3, A Case of a Marvelous Mass: An Ossifying Fibroma
3rd Place:  Tania Espinal, OMS3, A Unique Case of Persestent HCG

Entries were LIMITED to the FIRST 55 COMPLETE submissions (application and abstract) received.  Only ONE entry per person. Those entries received after the deadline will NOT be accepted. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. Once your entry is complete, your name will be listed below.


2014 FOMA Research Poster Competition Completed Entries:

1. Ryan McPherson - OMS3 29. Jessica Kim, DO - PGY1
2. Andrew Berry - OMS3 30. Nason Rouhizad, OMS3
3. Sandra Sandhu, DO - PGY3 31. Jamie Mazzurco, OMS3
4. Gretchen Siefker, DO - OMS3 32. Alexandra Olieinik, OMS4
5. Teresa Saavedra, DO - PGY3 33. Matthew Motisi, OMS3
6. John Fordham, DO - PGY1 34. Kellee Monroe, DO - OGME-2
7. Gary Bradley, DO - PGY2 35. Phillip Berges, OMS2
8. Ali Malik, DO - PGY3 36. Justin Sager, DO, MS - PGY2
9. Monica Munoz, DO - PGY5 37. Michael Lopez, OMS3
10. Michael Young - OMS3 38. Stella Rubina, PGY3
11. Jennifer Chambers, DO - PGY2 39. Shahjahan Shareet, OMS2
12. Arianna Gianakos - OMS3 40. Thomas Hendrix, OMS3
13. Laura Jordan - OMS3 41. Alabi Oluwaseye, DO, PGY4
14. James Skorczewski, DO - PGY6 42. Diondra Burney, OMS3
15. Austin Bach, DO - PGY1 43. Andrea Palestro, OMS3
16. David Hotwagner, DO - PGY3 44. Christos Mihos, DO, PGY5
17. John Groh, DO - PGY3 45. Steven Fan Zhang, OMS3
18. Mo Cale, DO - PGY3 46. Elianne Rojas, OMS3
19. Ariel Caplan, DO - PGY1 47. Pinal Chokshi, OMS3
20. Timothy Hawkes - PGY3 48. Miguel Villacorta, OMS3
21. Salman Mandhai, DO - PGY2 49. Tania Espenal, OMS3
22. Audrey Bellant, DO - PGY2 50. Kevin Weiss, OMS4
23. Elyse Juhan, OMS3 51. Zophia Martinez, OMS2
24. Swati Chalavarya, DO - PGY3 52. Naseem Alexa Jahdi, DO, PGY5
25. Jesse Hatgis, DO - PGY2 53. Tintu Chiramel, DO, PGY3
26. Seth Bleicher, DO - PGY2 54. Ke Jie Wong, DO, PGY1
27. Leala Lettice, OMS3 55. Jacob Triplet, OMS3
28. Sheren Leung, DO - PGY2